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About Us
The North Carolina Meat Goat Producers Cooperative was founded in 2001 and is designed to develop alternative agricultural markets for farmers by establishing meat goat operations and markets. The cooperative is committed to the production, marketing and selling of quality meat goats and vacuum packaged prime and choice USDA cabrito and chevon, as well as meat carcasses to consumers, restaurants and retail stores.

The coop is comprised of farmers all over North Carolina committed to sharing individual knowledge and interest, improving production programs, and increasing the quality of North Carolina meat goats. Our producers are raising high quality goats that are antibiotic and medicinal residue free. All of our producers must be certified to ensure our high standards are met.

With a distinctive gourmet flavor, cabrito and chevon have the added benefit of being nutritionally superior to pork, poultry, beef and lamb. North Carolina grown cabrito and chevon can be tracked from the farm to the table for added assurance of quality

Our Products
High quality meat goats, vacuum packaged USDA prime/choice chevon and cabrito, whole or quartered goat meat

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Hours of Operation
We are always open through our web go ahead and order now !!

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Where you can find our products
Vacuum packages can be found at targeted IGA and Piggly Wiggly supermarkets and the Raleigh and Greensboro farmers' markets.

North Carolina Meat Goat Producers Cooperative
Martha Mobley
103 South Bickett Blvd.
Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: 919/496-3344
Fax: 919/496-2280

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