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About Us
The Old Mule Company is located in the North Carolina Mountain Foothills. We are a small family owned business specializing in our gourmet bbq, marinade, dipping sauce. Old Mule's unique blend of spices and flavors makes this an ideal gift for anyone. It's not too hot, but has just the right amount of zing. Old Mule will put a "kick" in your favorite family recipes and party platters. Old Mule is not just for grilling and barbecuing. It is excellent with seafood, baked beans, venison, tortilla chips, salads and much more!

Please look for Old Mule in your local specialty stores or call/email us and we will be glad to ship directly to you.

Put some "kick" in your life (and your meals) with Old Mule!!

Our Products
BBQ marindade dipping Sauce, T shirts, Mugs, hats, gift boxes


Hours of Operation
We are a small family operated business. Please call or Email any time.

Web Site

Where you can find our products
Specialty stores throughout North Carolina or by mail ordering direct.


The Old Mule Co.
Steve & Cheryl Modlin
PO Box 425
Columbus, NC 28722
POLK County
Phone: 828-625-0305
Fax: 828-625-0305

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