Sweet Concepts Incorporated

Dissapearing from Candy Jars since 1924

About US
Our candy has been produced for over 79 years. We still make hard candy with the traditional hand made process. This family owned company has been recognized nationally for the highest quality candy as a finalist for best confection in America twice. Butterfields also received the best new product in Canada by the Canadian Gourmet Association. Our Candy such as the Peach Buds" are a different twist on hard candy. Having a little coconut in the center and intense fruit flavor makes one feel like they are eating fruit.

The packaging is innovative and distinctive. Our products make for great gift giving items .

We figured out long ago that our job is to bring smiles to faces,suprised by the fact that we could make candy so close to the taste of real fruit.

Our Products
Butterfields, (all candy)Peach Buds,Lemon Buds,Raspberry Buds,Key Lime Buds,Watermelon Buds,Strawberry Buds,Peanut Crunch,a brittle from North Carolina peanuts,and Christmas flavors especially old fashioned Hard Mix

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Please check out our website and gourmet shops everywhere.Dont be suprised to see it across the country

Sweet Concepts Incorporated
J. Brooks West III
2155 South Old Franklin Street
Nashville, NC 27856
NASH County
Phone: 800-945-5957
Fax: 252-459-7606

Special News

There always is a special at Butterfields. We offer shipping allowances on bigger orders.

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