Corey Gardens Natural Food Farm

Corey Gardens Natural Food Farm
Karen Corey
104 Jordan Lane
Wake Forest, NC 27587
WAKE County
Phone: 919-825-1122

Come Home to Natural Homestead Traditions that Grow, Enrich and Heal.

Special News
Extra over growth of Liriope, Bee Balm, Lemon Balm, Tiger Lilies, Green leafed Canna Lilies, plants. Several potted young trees of various types; i.e. White Dogwood, Eastern Redbuds. Grape vines. Live plants in gardens that can be freshly dug up and time of purchase.

About US
Organic gardening for 16 years and doing herbal remedies, eco gardens and education articles and photos online. Vegetable gardening is limited now. Mostly garden designs, photography and education. Natural homesteading solutions are also implemented and sustainable measures taken to utilize our land for fruit, vegetable, natural remedies, flower essences, herbal tinctures, teas and eco systems for bees, birds and other wildlife. Looking to share more online through live streaming and real life projects for preserving natural homestead traditions. Come Home Women and other featured websites to help share, preserve and educate.

Inspired to increase awareness of natural remedies, homesteading and sustainable life style solutions online and for urban living (small spaces) In hoping to grow into a place where one can come and get back to nature. Urban Garden School is slated to consist of a place to enjoy, engage and partake in urban gardening, micro homesteading and patio type projects.

For those that want to be coached and start out small, we are happy to help. Simply get in touch. Gardening is a big topic. Planting, growing, harvesting are just a tip of the iceberg. There are a host of many other urban solutions to introduce for those that want to really have a more natural homesteading experience wherever they live.

Our Products
We grow herbs, flowers, eco gardens and garden designs. Herbals, natural remedies and natural garden solutions. Selling fresh herbs of comfrey, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, echinacea and others. Lamb's ear, money wort, bee balm and other ornamental and eco plants. Herbs fresh, dried and made into herbals. Education on how to plant, use and store herbs. Photos for using on websites, education and identification. Trees, fruit, vegetables and grapes are also on location and used for photos, writing educational articles and supplying design ideas on what grows native in North Carolina.

Just outside the Wake Forest Historic District on North Main St about 1.5 miles. Taking N. Main into Route 1A to Youngsville and turn onto Lake Forest Drive, then right onto Jordan lane.

Hours of Operation
By Appointment Only - We do Skype, phone and On Location consulting if needed. Recommend calling ahead to make sure of what we have and what's being offered.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Online and through Classified advertising when certain products are in season and in stock.


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