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Like you, we too were interested in using simple, healing, natural remedies and skin care products for our growing family. Now that the kids have "flown the coop", we continue to provide these same healing products for you and your family. Over the last 17 years education and practical experience have taught us, that "the more you know, the more you need to know." But there is one thing for sure, our marvelous Creator has given us some wonderful healing bodies and some wonderful natural remedies to treat them with. Taking the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired, we present to you products that we hope you will enjoy. Please contact us if you are interested in specialized formulas for your individualized needs. And please visit www.diynaturalhealthsolutions.com where you can learn more about making your own home remedies, skin care products and healthier ways to live.

The fundamental lesson in the study of the human body is to learn that God created the body, and instituted all its laws and functions; that God gave it life which was to be full, perfect, without pain, without disease, and without end; that the interference to this plan came through disobedience to the laws which God instituted. One way that we can seek God in the way to good health is using all natural products that will not cause our body injury. Products we use on and in our body may contain ingredients to make them last longer, have better aesthetic properties but may cause some short term breakouts, rashes, and allergies and in the long run may cause some significant health problems which are so prevalent in society today. At HeavenScent Organics, we try to use the very best ingredients for our bath and body products, including plant based oils, herbs, and naturally occurring minerals and clays. We also try to use the very best natural and organic herbs in our medicinal products. Another way that we can seek better health is to keep ourselves in obedience to the laws that are set forth in nature. We will reap what we sow and there is a consequence to every action, including what we eat, what we drink, what we look at, and our attitude about life. See how you can incorporate healthy habits today! Sin has brought with it a propensity for sickness, disease and death, but by implementing these natural "doctors" into our life, we can lessen sin's physical, mental and spiritual effects while we are here and in the process, give us a mind that will comprehend more fully the spiritual aspect of life and eternity. "The study of the human body should always be a search after the will of God, with obedience as the purpose, which makes the restoration of character the goal. This is why teaching and healing should never be separated. "Ministry of Healing" p. 141.

At HeavenScent Organics, our handmade soaps and other products do not include any petroleum products or synthetic preservatives. Our soaps contain all natural base oils, purified water, and sodium hydroxide. We use natural colorants in our soaps which either come from the oils themselves, natural additions like herbs & all-natural clays. Fragrances are derived from any of the previous ingredients, or natural certified pure aromatherapy grade essential oils & fragrance oils. We make small batches of soaps, creams, salves, and other products using herbs on our property or other farms who use organic and/or natural gardening practices. Every batch is lovingly made with the ingredients that make our products something you and your family can feel good about using. We became interested in making handcrafted soap several years ago, after realizing just how many chemicals are used in the industry. It really helped us to make a decision to create and use only soaps and other products that were free from toxic ingredients for our family and friends. While we donít have control over everything, we attempt to use environmentally friendly processes as far as possible and use recyclable and earth friendly packaging. If you have something to say, good or bad, please contact us. We appreciate any feedback. You can contact via our email contact form or phone at (919) 322-9354 Thanks! Sonja Upham, Wellness Consultant and Herbal Medicine Specialist

Our Products
Simply Natural Bath and Shampoo Bar-Normal to Dry Simply Natural Bath and Shampoo Bar-Normal to Oily Simply Natural Bath and Shampoo Bar-Antibacterial Simply Natural Bath and Shampoo Bar-Combination and Sensitive Natural First Aid Ointment Poison Ivy Antidote Hand Cream Body Lotion Anti-aging Face Cream Aromatherapy Herbal Pack Therma-Restore Heat Pack

2 miles past Carolina Outlet Mall, Hwy. 70 Business East towards Goldsboro, turn right onto Hill Rd., Take the split to the left which turns into Old Sanders Rd. Farm will be on right side of the road

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HeavenScent Organics
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Phone: 9193229354

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