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About Us
Wayne retired from NC Cooperative Extension with 30 years of educational programming for NC farmers. He has been designing crop mazes since 2002.

Ponds are great assets for the farm, as long as they are nightmares and ugly. Wayne taught people for 30 years how to manage ponds. Now he has his business treating aquatic invaders around the state.

We updated our GPS system for our crop maze mower in 2017 and now can cut custom logos and more elaborate designs. We updated our drone in 2018 and now have more precise aerial imagery capabilities.

Our Products
Crop Maze Design Services Pond Management Aerial Photography Agritourism Education

9466 Applewhite Rd, Wendell,NC

Hours of Operation
By Appointment Only

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It's time to be planning crop mazes for 2019. Call us today for info on what, when and how to plant.

Wayne Batten Agronomic Services
Wayne Batten
9466 Applewhite Rd
Wendell, NC 27591
Phone: 910-620-0582

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