Stevens Harvest Market

Stevens Harvest Market
Ellen Stevens
8017 Weddington Downs Dr
Matthews, NC 28104
UNION County
Phone: 704-231-1652

Microgreens, Pesto & Produce

About US
We specialize in growing sustainable microgreens, herbs and veggies; both hydroponically and also in the dirt. We strive to provide the best product available, grown with nurture and responsibility for the environment. We run with attention to detail, and integrity. We want every experience with Stevens Harvest Market to be outstanding.

We work with chefs to customize their micros to suite their style. We offer several different varieties, which change with the seasons. Any extra micros are available to the public to be bought.

Our Pesto, named "She's Pesto", has been an outstanding addition to our product mix. Made from basil that is grown sustainably right here in the Charlotte area, we consider this pesto to be Charlotte's Local Pesto. Our vision is to use the highest quality ingredients (that the home chef would use if having company over for dinner- no shortcuts taken like added parsley or substitute oils or nuts) and add in several perks that make this pesto absolutely irrestistable. First, the basil is blanched so that the pesto won't turn brown once it oxygenates. Second, we use a grinder that leaves the pesto chunky and thick so that upon tasting this wonderful pesto you may find you have bitten into a chuck of pine nuts or garlic. Thirdly, we freeze the pesto in 1oz cubes so that the home chef can take only what they need and leave the rest safe in the freezer for next time. (It won't get gunky in the fridge like the other brands do). It's called "She's Pesto" because of the extra garlic that we use. It leaves an impact, has a kick, and will knock your socks off.. kind of like when you've gotten your wife mad.. She's Pesto!

Our Products
Microgreens, Pesto, Produce

We have a greenhouse in our backyard and process the pesto in a restaurant. Because we work from home we ask that all visitors contact Ellen Stevens prior to visiting and arrange a time that is convenient.

Hours of Operation
Upon Appointment Only

Here's where you can find our products
Providence Produce, Renfrow's Hardware, QC Pantry, New South Kitchen & Bar, Bonterra, Blackthorne, Rooster's


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