Petzold Distilleries LLC

Carl's Carolina Moonshine. A spirit born in tradition.

About US
At 800gal. Our kettle is the largest "American made" distillery in NC. With over 5000gal fermentation capacity. It is also "the only steam jacketed, wood fired distillery in the United States."

Our Products
Carl's Carolina Original Applejack Moonshine,NC-66-300,NC-66-301. Carl's Carolina Original Spiced Sorghum Rum,NC-66-303,NC-66-304 Carl's Carolina Original Peach Moonshine,"coming this summer, 2014"

Visit our web site; Click on "contact us" to find a Google maps application for our address and directions to our new facility.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Saturday. 6pm.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
NC. ABC stores.

Petzold Distilleries LLC
Carl R Petzold
6461 Hwy 212
Marshall , North Carolina 28753
Madison County
Phone: (828)656-2863

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