Tastin' Jamaican Caribbean Style Salsa

Mild. Medium. Hot. DIFFERENT! It's a taste of the islands without leaving your home.

About US
Tastin' Jamaican is a handcrafted Caribbean style salsa that has an exclusive flavor unmatched by Mexican style commercially made salsas. Tomatoes, fresh peppers and onions, and a blend of herbs and spices make it salsa ... but wait ... there's something different! It also has mangos, lime, and a touch of brown sugar that give it a slightly sweet, addictive Caribbean flair that few can resist.

Located in Louisburg, North Carolina, our salsa business began in early 2012 after painstakingly tweaking a family recipe for several years. Bringing together our love for the Jamaican jerk flavors, the beauty of the Caribbean islands, and our desire to create a fresh tasting, unique salsa brought us to the name, "Tastin' Jamaican." It gives you a taste of the islands without leaving your home!

Our delicious all-natural salsa comes in one pint jars that are vacuum sealed through a heat process that gives it a shelf life of at least two years unopened. But honestly, it won't stay around that long! There are no additives or preservatives, so please refrigerate after opening and it will remain fresh for 14-28 days. Flavors include Mild, Medium, Nuclear, Lethal SE, Cuban, Strawberry, Cranberry, and Pumpkin Spice. Salsa snack baskets for gifting are available through our online store. Online orders can be picked up locally, delivered for a small fee, or shipped.

Our Products
Mild Salsa (sweet, smoky flavor with a slightly spicy twist)
Medium Salsa (made with Habanero and Jalapeno peppers)
Nuclear Salsa (made with Ghost peppers)
Lethal SE Salsa (made with Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers)
Cuban Salsa (made with black beans and corn)
Strawberry Salsa (seasonally made with fresh strawberries)
Cranberry Salsa (slightly tart but nicely sweet)
Pumpkin Spice Salsa (all the flavor of pumpkin pie)
Salsa Snack Baskets (2 jars of salsa and a bag of chips) Hand rolled dessert cigars (Hazelnut and single malt Scotch)


Hours of Operation
Available 24 hours a day, either through online ordering from our website, visiting our Facebook page, & following us on Twitter. Calling/texting by phone 9am-9pm.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Our website for a list of retailers near you. http://tastinjamaican.com/find-a-retailer.html

Tastin' Jamaican Caribbean Style Salsa
Melissa Hodges
3335 NC 56 Hwy E
Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: 919-497-6299
Fax: 919-853-6738 (call first)

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