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About US
We own a 600 head Stocker and Cow/Calf operation and 3 Perdue Breeder Houses. We started our own family owned business in 2000 but have been in the cattle business since 1981, when we married. We have always had our own freezer beef but started selling it "by demand" just recently. We use our farm raised calves from our Mama cows in our freezer beef business. Our beef is healthy lean beef, locally home grown, naturally lean and tender. Raised on Pasture and traditional grain finished to produce excellent marbling and flavor. We are Family owned and operated.

Our Products
Pasture Raised - Grain Finished - Locally Raised USDA Inspected Beef, NO Synthetic Hormones are used in our freezer beef and Antibiotics are used only if necessary. If we use any medications we hold the animals longer than the recommended withdrawal time. We have beef available year round.

2075 Hwy 704 West, Lawsonville, NC 27022 Directly North of Winston Salem on the NC/VA state line.

Hours of Operation
We sell our beef at West Rock Farmers Market in Madison on Saturday mornings when they are in operation. All other times please call in advance for an appointment to pick up your pre-ordered beef here on our farm.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
We sell our beef here on our farm. Please call in advance West Rock Farmers Market - Saturday Mornings 7-12:00 - when in season (Madison-Mayodan, NC)

Ridgecrest Farm
Dorinda Bray
2075 NC 704 Hwy W
Lawsonville, NC 27022
Stokes County
Phone: 336-871-4100

Special News

There is a 10% discount for anyone who picks up their beef here on the far. Please call in advance.

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