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"Striving for excellence in non-sustainable, retirement-funded, boutique agriculture!#$^%?!"

About US
We are growers of improved PECAN varieties in the Sandhills of North Carolina since 1983, and growers of horse-quality Coastal Bermuda HAY since 2011. Bill and Teresa Bruton have nurtured two sons and a 8˝ acre hayfield with 92-tree orchard to the end of their professional careers, and have retired to a pursuit of small agriculture and stained-glass craft handiwork as long as their meager financial resources can sustain them at $inkmore Homestead. We sell only Hay and Pecans that are grown on our 27-acre, 4th generation family farm on the outskirts of Candor, NC. We began planting improved varieties of trees (including Cape Fear and Sumner) in 1983, and we also harvest some heirloom varieties (including Stuart) from a few “yard” trees planted almost 100 years. After extensive herbicide treatment, Tifton 44 was sprigged mid-spring of 2011 on a clean-slate landscape in the wide middles “between the trees”, and fertilizer bills have been coming ever since. We have NEVER used animal waste of any sort or in any fashion (other than human sweat) in growing our farm products. Our rigorous spray program maintains a clean, low-pest, low-fungus, low-weed environment, while respecting all licensing requirements, worker safety standards, and labeled quarantine intervals required by our NC state pesticide applicator certification. Both the safe consumption of Pecans by Humans AND consumption of Coastal Bermuda Hay by Equines are criteria for all chemicals used at this site. We supply a Cultivation Data Certificate with each lot of Hay purchased. As soon as they become available, we likewise provide a copy of complete test reports of Hay samples collected by County Extension Agents and sent to Raleigh for NCDA&CS analysis. At this time, all of our Hay is square-baled and cultivated expressly for the purpose of feeding horses. All of our Pecans are available only as an in-shell product. Please contact us in late-November of each year for quantities, pricing, deliveries, etc.

Our Products
Pecans Hay (Coastal Bermuda) Wheat Straw Hay and Wheat Straw available in square-bales ONLY (no round bales). Pecans sold out until Thanksgiving (or first frost, if sooner).

The address shown above at the top of this listing works best for locating us at www.googlemaps.com, BUT . . . Our ACTUAL physical and 9-1-1 address is 902 NC Hwy 211-E, Candor, NC 27229. Mapquest.com locates us best at 902 NC Hwy 211-E., BISCOE, NC, 27209. From North, South, or West: a. Approach from the combined I-73/I-74/US 220. b. Exit on NC-211, headed east towards Pinehurst, NC. c. Almost IMMEDIATELY (0.3 mile), turn South (right) into our paved residential driveway, across from the intersection of Farmer's Market Road and NC-211. This intersection is defined by the presence of a gasoline station (with diner), an ice-cream shop and adjacent produce stand. d. Drive to the end of the driveway (150 yards), don't mind the loud but friendly dogs, knock on the door (or call 910-974-7051). From East: a. Approach on NC-211. b. Cross the county line, leaving Moore, entering Montgomery. Appx. 0.7 mile from county line, see County Water System elevated tank, on right. c. Appx. 0.2 mile from water tank, turn south (left) into our paved residential driveway, across from the intersection of Farmer's Market Road and NC-211. This intersection is defined as in "c" above. d. Same as "d" above.

Hours of Operation
Seasonal, daylight hours, while product is available, and NOT Sunday mornings, although you are welcome to attend Church with us. We expect to have product available during the growing season (Hay begins Memorial Day, Pecans at Thanksgiving) and throughout the winter months, but we would be pleased if sold out sooner. We are not present at the Homestead 100% of the time, and you should telephone or e.mail ahead of your arrival.

Here's where you can find our products
Only available here at $inkmore Homestead, 902 NC Hwy 211-E (mail to PO Box 207), Candor, NC 27229. Unless specifically stated otherwise, quoted price for Hay does NOT INCLUDE loading services. $inkmore presumes that Hay customers will load themselves, and appointments for specific arrival times and loading surcharges are required otherwise. $inkmore PREFERS NOT to DELIVER Hay orders, and absolutely WILL NOT DELIVER Hay orders of less than 100 bales, or more than 30 miles from the Homestead. Approximate delivery times, purchaser presence at delivery site, and surcharge for loading, delivery, and unloading are required elements of any Hay deliveries. Unless specifically stated otherwise, quoted price for Hay does NOT INCLUDE loading, delivery, and/or unloading services. Pecans can be ordered, invoiced, and securely purchased with a credit card or PayPal account by e.mail (WindshieldFarm@gmail.com) and shipped by USPS Priority Mail with appropriate postal fee.

$inkmore Homestead
Bill Bruton
902 E. Main St., PO Box 207
Candor, NC 27229
Montgomery County
Phone: 336-833-2949

Special News

At harvest / baling / tree-shaking time, we customarily offer a "lift-it-yourself" discount for clients who pick up and load their own product in the field, the same day that we would otherwise put it in the barn. As you might expect, this is a time- and weather-sensitive event, and we require the ability to notify our clients by e.mail just days (or even hours) prior. If you are interested, please ping your e.mail address to us at WindshieldFarm@gmail.com.

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