LilFilly Cheesecakes

LilFilly Cheesecakes
Pam Burnette
47 Sunshine Hill Rd.
Canton, NC 28716
Phone: 828-550-5770

The creamy sweetness your mouth desires.

Special News
Gourmet and made to order cheesecakes.

About US
We are a local small business that has 23 flavors of cheesecake to date. We make everything from basic cheesecake to red velvet cheesecake to turtle or mixed drink cheesecakes.

When someone wants a flavored cheesecake that they can't find anywhere, they come to me. I make it happen, and we deliver.

We are committed to customer care. If you are not satisfied with your cheesecake, we will make it right. 100% guarantee 100% of the time.

Our Products
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There is no local store front. We operate over the web and by phone.

Hours of Operation
We are always open.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Our products are oredered over the phone and must be requested up to two weeks before delivery date.


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