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Soil to Soap. Redefining Clean.

About Us
Warhorse Solutions was born from a desire for change--change about how we learn, live, clean, and care. We custom make products that begin on the farm, then go to the table, to plant based NC biofuels, to Warhorse cleaners. Since most of our activities require cleaning--cleaning family, pets, houses, trucks, tractors, camper, 4-Wheelers, boats, biodiesel shop, classroom, desks--we knew we had to stop wasting our money, time, and shelf space on toxic cleaners and weak "green" products. I like challenges, as my students know. So, I rolled up my sleeves and researched non-petroleum biofuels, glycerin, soap chemistry. And years later, I'm proud to say it's been an innovative, rewarding journey for us. As a result, our company Warhorse Solutions was started. And our WARHORSE was born--a naturally aggressive product line that uses the cleaning power of glycerin, a strong solvent that is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-volatile and kind to people, pets, and planet. Our other cleansers, like our pet and people soaps, remove grime and nurture with natural ingredients like glycerin, sweet almond oil, avocado, and Dead Sea minerals.

Also, all our product recipes have been certified-lab, veterinarian, and customer tested for the past 6 years. Since our main ingredients are made from different crops, natural oil sources, and sustainable processes, variation in color is normal. Nature isn't uniform but provides us with variety and change. But, we do choose to keep our products consistently simple--no dyes to change the color, no sulfates to make a detergent or synthetic suds. Our products have a short list of recognizable, tried-and-true ingredients that have well-known benefits, and our customers appreciate their quality. Our natural soaps are uniquely effective and simple by choice.

Warhorse Solution's innovative approach to converting biodiesel-derived glycerin into value added cleaning products has developed WARHORSE, a sustainable, naturally aggressive cleaner and a line of be kind solutions family care products. We innovate with other local organizations like Appalachian State University and Catawba County's EcoComplex Biodiesel Research Facility in Newton, NC.

Our Products
Warhorse Multi Purpose (vehicles, facilities, farm equipment, homes, boats, campers, motorcycles automotive/truck, restaurant, business, glass, stainless steel), Super Concentrated, Warhorse Pet Shampoo, Warhorse Equine Shampoo, Warhorse Leather Cleaner, Warhorse Concrete Form Release


Hours of Operation
8-4 pm, Monday through Friday. Call anytime.

Web Site

Where you can find our products
warhorsesolutions.com, Bonnie Brae Veterinary Hospital, Saluda Veterinarian Hospital, Hendersonville Coop, Landrum Hardware, Mountain Hardware, Nature's Storehouse


Warhorse Solutions LLC
Tawana Weicker
2212 Bill Collins Rd.
Columbus, NC 28722
POLK County
Phone: 8557610007

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