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Our Chosen Heritage, one of captivating views, relaxing suites, informed foods and purposeful living. Our Chosen Heritage is dedicated to a seemingly simpler approach to life. To the outsider, Our Chosen Heritage's approach may seem incredibly complex. Conversely, it is in this perceived complexity that guests will find a heritage of simplicity. Our Chosen Heritage: Creation's Intended Way for Purposeful Living.

A Mighty Oak is Our Chosen Heritage's newly constructed Bed & Breakfast 2012. It features awe- inspiring views of Pilot Mountain, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Intended Way Farm. Come for a rejuvenating stay in our home or take part in one of our nutrition and agricultural educational programs-- we like to call it nutri-agri-tourism. A Mighty Oak Bed & Breakfast offers four distinct suites each with its own private bathroom and sitting room containing either a second bed or couch. Come relax in the privacy of your suite and on our sprawling grounds or enjoy exploring the many area attractions. Each morning, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast with fresh farm- to-table ingredients. You may love them so much that you will want to bring some home. Guests have the opportunity to make purchases from our Intended Way Farm, as well.

Truly sustainable livestock farming requires the use of a pasture-based system. Pasture-raised animals roam freely in their natural environment where they are able to eat nutritious grasses and other plants that their bodies are designed to digest. In addition to dramatically improving the welfare of our farm animals, pasturing also helps reduce environmental damage and yields meat and eggs that are tastier and contain superiour nutrition. Animals raised on pasture enjoy a high quality of life. When raised on open pasture, animals are able to move freely and carry out their natural behaviors. This lifestyle provides access to fresh air or sunlight eliminating the need for the use of antibiotics. Intended Way Farm uses farming and shepherding practices that take into consideration the unique God-given design of each animal. The cows graze on pasture and are given hay in the colder months. They are never given grain because the unique design of their digestive system does not provide for the digestion of grains. They are rotated in the pastures to provide a new patch of fresh grasses routinely. We are thankful for the fertilizer that they add daily to the soil!

Our Products
We have a Bed & Breakfast with four large suites that resides on a farm that practices rotational pasture grazing. Pastured Free Range Meats: Heritage breed Chicken & Turkeys fed on Soy free organic feed, Grass-fed Beef, and Pastured Pork.

Our Chosen Heritage is located in Pinnacle, North Carolina in the morning shadow of Pilot Mountain. Come relax at our Bed & Breakfast or visit our on-site Intended Way Farm for delicious, better-than-organic produce and fresh, pasture- raised meat products. At the intersection of Route 52 and route 268 go west for 1.6 miles and take a left onto Burge Road. Go .6 miles and our property is on the right side of the road. http://www.ourchosenheritage.com/location

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A Mighty Oak B & B and Intended Way Farm
Todd & Lisa Morse
513 Burge Road
Pinnacle, NC 27043
SURRY County
Phone: 336-325-3285

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