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"Soaring Above The Rest"

About Us
Specialty Coffee is our business, serving Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Pour-Over and French Press brewed coffee. Frozen and Iced beverages include Frappes, Fruit Smoothies, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee and Italian Cream Sodas. A healthy way of life is important so we will provide our customers with choices in our products including low carbohydrate, sugar free and high protein beverages and snacks.

Our Mercedes Sprinter van was specifically built for the coffee service industry and meets the highest in nationwide health standards and regulations. The van is self sufficient with fresh running water, waste water storage and full generator electricity service. All required permits and licensing in North Carolina Municipalities have been issued and up to date. We are insured with a million dollar liability insurance policy protecting you and our customers. The van has been designed in a very professional and informative concept that will compliment any function.

Coff-Eh, LLC our parent company and through a portion of the Ravens Roost Coffee sales is a proud sponsor of CoffeeKids.org and their “Grounds for Hope” programs. Coffee Kids is dedicated to helping coffee-farming families improve their quality of life.

Our Products
coffee, smoothies, Tea, beverages, pasteries

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Hours of Operation
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Where you can find our products
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Ravens Roost Coffee
kevin twyman
p.o.box 11
tobaccoville, NC 27050
Phone: 336-705-6880

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