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About Us
We own a small 100 cow dairy in Snow Camp, North Carolina. We have both Holstein and Guernsey cows. Our farm has been operational since the early 1940’s and it has been passed down from generation to generation . Our farm is operated almost entirely by family members. As a family, we have all been raised around farming and agriculture and we would like to see our farm carry on for many years to come.

We recently opened up a small creamery and have started making and selling mozzarella cheesecakes. I know you are probably thinking that mozzarella would not taste good in a cheesecake; but they are simply fabulous! You have to try one to believe it. Our cheesecakes are made from fresh raw milk taken straight from our cows. The raw milk is pasteurized and made into fresh mozzarella cheese curds. These curds are then blended with a few special ingredients, baked in a graham cracker crust, and glazed with our special sour cream topping.

Our cheesecakes are freshly made when ordered. The best thing about our cheesecakes is that they are locally made, farm fresh, and the cheese contains no additives or preservatives. They will keep about a week in the refrigerator and up to two months in the freezer if frozen in proper freezer attire (i.e. a freezer bag). Some folks say they are even better frozen; kind of like ice cream. We offer several different flavors to satisfy everyone. You can see a list of flavors and prices on our “products” page. We encourage you to try one of these special cheesecakes and please e-mail us with any feedback.

Our Products
mozzarella cheesecakes and cheese

Web Site

Where you can find our products
Burlington and Snow Camp Farmer's Markets and local pick-up


$20 Mother's Day Cheesecakes

Lindley Farms Creamery
Casey Campbell
255 Bob Clark Rd
Snow Camp, NC 27349
Phone: 919-742-1284

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