eddie-jo powell
2138 Caratoke Hwy
Moyock, NC 27958
Phone: 252-339-9923
Fax: 252-232-0357


Special News
When we open we always have daily specials. We have our home made fudge buy a pound get a half a pound free. We are the home of the $2.99 WATERMELON.

About US
Powells market is located on us route 168 on the way to the out banks of nc. We grow asparagus, pumpkin, and greens at our farm. We have a wide varity of fresh local produce and jams and jellies from NC. We like to sell as many NC products as possible. We have breads and pies and we offer extras such as fire work and beach stuff. we also make our own fudge with 30 flavors to choose from. It is a great shopping experiance.

We have a sporting clay range at our farm that is open to the public so bring your shot gun and join us for a round of sporting clays. We have a 21 station walking course that is very competitive and fun for any one who likes to shoot sporting clays.Hours of operation are by appointment only , 12 to 5 thrusday and friday,9 to 5 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Call 252-339-9923 The range is open year round.

We are a family owned business, we have been in buisness for 32 years. Our family farm is 350 years old and is a wonderful place to visit. The family farm has changed alot over the years from sweet potatoes and grain to hogs and grain to produce and grain. As times change so does a farm. We have agritourism in the fall with our pumpkins. we have a pumpkin festival the third Saturday in October. Our operating hours for our market are open Apirl 1st through October 31st every day from 6 am to 7 pm. We then move to Elizabeth cithy ,NC., and open our Christmas tree lot the week end of Thanksgiving to sell Christmas trees and home made wreaths.

Our Products
Fresh produce, Jams and Jellies from N.C. Fresh local asparagus,pumpkins and greens,from our farm, pickles,bbq sauces and much more. We try to buy from as many local growers as possible and most of our other items are from N.C. vendrs.

We are located on us route 168. 2138 Caratoke hwy. Moyock,nc.27958. That is the market location. Thr Powell Farm location is 136 Powell Road, Shawboro, NC. 27973

Hours of Operation
April 1st thru October 31st from 6am to 7 pm Monday thru Sunday. Hours may be longer during june,july and august. Christmas tress lot hours are 10 am to 8 pm.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
You can find our products at our market.


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