Carver Bros Turf

Carver Bros Turf
H.R. Carver
448 Morton Pulliam Rd
Roxboro, NC 27574
Phone: 336 592 9547

Life's short. Sod it.

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About Us:
Our sod farm offers the best blends of turf type tall fescue and bermuda on the market. Our Black Beauty fescue sod is a superior dark green blend that thrives in our area. Tifway 419 Bermuda is the gold standard for warm season turf in NC. Both types of sod are bred for increased drought tolerance and disease resistance in the transition zone of NC. Call us today to help you choose which type of sod is best for your situation.

Founded by brothers Bobby and Ricky Carver in 2000, Carver Brothers Turf is a true family run operation. Located just North of Roxboro, we not only live and work in the community, but we strive to improve it. Carver Brothers Turf has been fortunate enough to work with such causes as Homes for our Troops and has even been featured on ABC's hit series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Currently we have over 70 acres of turfgrass available for harvest. Our unique size allows us to keep in touch with our customers while maintaining high quality and low prices. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and to produce the highest quality turf possible. You will not find a better buying experience than with Carver Brothers Turf. Contact us at 336-592-0547 or on the web at

Our Products:
Sod, fescue sod, bermuda sod

448 Morton Pulliam Rd Roxboro NC 27574 off of hwy 57 between roxboro and hyco lake.

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Farm pickup, delivery available

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