Ihechim (Jokensnack chin-chin)



About Us
This is a small business snack production company. Our products are sold at small and big grocery stores, We also provide products for special occasion- wedding, birthdays, graduations- Parties, send off ceremonies, for hosters of TV programs and school snack programs. This is a very good midday, lunch and evening snack for school kids. The business has been inspected and approved by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. check us out www.jokensanck.com

We are family oriented business, Producing Chin-Chin snack products for small and large retail business stores. This is an international product that has sold in international countries for centuries

Our Products

For direction to the business please call, 910-925-0937 we will bring or send the supplies to your address.

Hours of Operation
We are in operation from 0900 to 2000 (9am to 8pm) Monday to Friday, and Saturday and Sunday - 1200 to 1800 (1200pm to-6pm)

Web Site

Where you can find our products
Sun Supermerket, Ojemba Africa Market, Far East Martket, Leone International Foods, Caroline International Market, Grand Asia Market,


We are selling at a discounted prize, we are also giving out samples of this products for testing as a way of advertising. contact us via e-mail or web for your sample.

Ihechim (Jokensnack chin-chin)
Gladys Echere
P.O. BOX 72921
Phone: (910) 925-0937
Fax: 910-556-4741

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