Courtney Paul Chocolates Inc


Handcrafted premium dark chocolate from around the world

About Us
We are committed to bringing you the best the world has to offer in chocolate. Through an extensive research process, we have carefully chosen each chocolate, or self-blended each chocolate for its superior quality in bean to bar production and excellence in complexity of taste. Chocolate in our line has been carefully chosen from Madagascar, Venezuela, the Ivory Coast and the Caribbean, thus providing a great diversity in flavor and texture.

The pairings used in our chocolates are locally sourced in Charlotte, NC, where we are based. During the pairing process, we carefully determined the appropriate pairing to enhance the natural characteristics of the chocolate itself.

Each bar is then beautifully hand-wrapped and available in our signature gold or brown gift boxes.

Our Products
chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate gifts, private label chocolates, gourmet dark chocolate

We are available online and at select local artisan markets in Charlotte

Hours of Operation
9am - 6pm Monday-Saturday

Web Site

Where you can find our products


Courtney Paul Chocolates Inc
Courtney Paul
222 E Bland Street
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-629-8824

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