Chew Monster

Chew Monster
Katherine Fadel
3000 Willano Way
Raleigh, NC 27610
WAKE County
Phone: (910)524-1089

Scrumptious pup treats for monsters large and small

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About US
We only use the freshest ingredients from North Carolina farms.

These delightful dog snacks are baked using the most basic ingredients: spent whole grains, whole wheat flour, peanut butter,egg and honey. Chew Monster treats have a wholesome crunch that your dog will love, but ZERO preservatives!

We use grains from the beer-brewing process, buy local ingredients and compost all byproducts. This product helps to reduce the waste stream and support the local economy, all the while keeping your dog healthy and happy.

Our Products
Spent Grain & Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Find us at Robert's Family Farm/ Bramble Wood Gardens at the NC State Farmer's Market!

Hours of Operation

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Here's where you can find our products
Please visit to find our treats in a store near you.


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