Beaver Dam Beef


Natural beef from our farm to your fork.

About Us
Raised in rural North Carolina, I have been around livestock and farming my whole life. In 1997, we started raising beef with a dairy bull fed on a bottle by the children in the back yard. Today my wife and I have a modest farm where we forage finish cross bred steers purchased from local area farmers.

We do not use synthetic hormones or routine antibiotics, our cattle are always on pasture and shelter up in cold weather in the "tree stall" pine thickets. We do use intensive grazing to optimize production and utilization of grass and other forages.

After I receive your confirmation deposit, I deliver your steer to Key Packing in Robbins NC, where it will be dry aged, cut to your specifications cryovac wrapped and flash frozen to 20 below zero. When your beef is ready, I pick it up and bring it to your door in a cooler.

Our Products
Custom Slaughtered Beef, by the Quarter, Half or whole steer. Aged, Cut, Cryovac Wrapped, Frozen and delivered to your door.

The farm is just off NC 210 between NC 242 and I-95, call for more specific information

Hours of Operation
No regular hours, we do not sell at the farm.

Where you can find our products
Our product is available exclusively by custom order. That way you know it is fresh and the beef you receive is from one individual animal.


Beaver Dam Beef
Bill Dunlap
3845 Beaver Dam Church Road
Roseboro, NC 28382
Phone: 910-988-2941

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