Lindley Farms Creamery LLC

Lindley Farms Creamery LLC
Casey Ann Campbell
255 Bob Clark Rd
Snow Camp, NC 27349
Phone: 919-742-1284

From Moo to You!

About US
Our fresh mozzarella cheesecakes are simply fabulous! They are made by taking fresh whole milk straight from our Guernsey and Holstein cows, pasteurizing it in our farm creamery, and making fresh mozzarella cheese curds. These cheese curds are then mixed with a few fresh ingredients, baked in the oven, and then glazed with our special sour cream topping. Lindley Farms Creamery cheesecakes are baked fresh and are locally made. They are the most delicious cheesecakes; but don't take our word for it. You must try them for yourselves!

Flavor Size Price plain 4" $7.60 plain 8" $25.00 pumpkin 4" $8.00 pumpkin 8" $27.00 brownie swirl 4" $8.00 brownie swirl 8" $27.00 cherry swirl 4" $8.00 cherry swirl 8" $27.00 strawberry Swirl 4" $8.00 strawberry Swirl 8" $27.00

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At the present time; orders can be placed by contacting us via e-mail or by phone.


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