WoodsRun Consulting Forestry, PA

We are forest managers and consultants for private landowners in North and South Carolina.

About US
Greg Conner, RF, CF, ACF, has spent the last 38 years practicing forestry in the Carolinas and Georgia. I have loved being in the woods since I was a Boy Scout in Kentucky, so it made sense to go into a profession where I could grow and manage trees. Greg completed his BS degree in Forestry at NC State University in 1973 and worked in the forest industry for 30 years. In 2003, he started his own business as a forest management consultant for private landowners. Greg lives in Elizabethtown with his wife of 38 years and has three grown daughters. He is active in the Methodist Church, Boy Scouting, and Freemasonry.

Bill Holmes, RF, ACF, has been practicing forestry since 1979 after graduating Clemson University with a BS degree in Forest Management. For 19 years of his career, he worked all over South Carolina, where he was born and raised. I remember hunting and fishing very fondly with my Dad since I was about 8 years old, and the love of the great outdoors stuck with me for all of these years. Plus, it is enjoyable to help people that need assistance in managing their forest land. Bill lives in Wilmington with his wife and two children, and is an active member of Pine Valley United Methodist Church. His hobbies are his children, 14 and 17 years of age, fresh water fishing, weekend traveling with his wife, and church activities.

Our Products
We are forest managers and consultants for forest management, reforestation, forestry herbicides, developing management or stewardship plans, timber sales, timber appraisals, contracting and supervising of independent contractors for forestry projects, GIS and GPS mapping, management of hunting and pine straw leases and other consulting services.

We work in Bladen, Sampson, Duplin, Pender, New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus, Robeson, and Cumberland counties and will meet you at your home or forest land.

Hours of Operation
We will meet you when it is best for you.

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Greg Conner - PO Box 884 Elizabethtown, NC (910) 876-2459 Email: gsconner19@yahoo.com OR CONTACT Bill Holmes - 5605 E. Whisper Creek Wilmington, 28409 (910) 622-7790 Email: wmholmes05@bellsouth.net

WoodsRun Consulting Forestry, PA
Greg Conner or Bill Holmes
PO Box 884
Elizabethtown, NC 28337
Phone: 910-876-2459

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