Harvest of the Great Spirit Prawn Farm

Harvest of the Great Spirit Prawn Farm
Charlene F Jacobs
4940 N US Hwy 421
Clinton, NC 28328
Phone: 910 385-4618
Fax: 910 564-2573

Fresh from the clear lakes to the customer's plate!

Special News
IQF (Individually quick frozen) freshwater prawn whole or just tail meat. Graded or ungraded in 5 lb or 15 lb boxes. Can also be purchased by the single pound. Live or fresh on ice from late September to early October.

About Us:
Family owned and operated freshwater prawn farm. Charlene Jacobs, CEO Gene Jacobs, Maintenance Supervisor Chad Jacobs, Technical Advisor

Freshwater prawn are raised in fresh, clear lakes. No chemicals,antibiotics,hormones or pesticidesdes are used in the production of our freshwater prawn. They are low in fat and sodium but high in protein. They are sustainable and a healthy alternative to seafood. The taste is sweet (nutty-like) and the texture is firm (lobster-like). Self-purged. Little to No deveining needed.

Our farm is a member of the American Prawn Cooperative, US Prawn Growers Association,North Carolina Aquaculture Association and Goodness Grows in NC

Our Products:
Prawn, Freshwater prawn

Located at 5580 N US Hwy 421 Clinton NC (Sampson County)

Hours of Operation:
Always available.....wholesome, clean seafood is just a telephone call away. Call #910 385-4618 or #910 590-1965 or #910 536-2302

Web Site:

Where our products can be found:
Call #910 385-4618 for directions to Clinton NC or to the American Prawn Cooperative (APC) in Walstonburg NC or for directions for an APC members nearest you.

Goodness Grows In North Carolina Logo Proud member of the Goodness Grows in North Carolina program.

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