Horse Patches

Horse Patches
Michele LaCoste
Greater Triad Area
"Any City", NC 27317
Phone: 336-495-0022

Special News
Donate old non-repairable blankets. I will take $5.00 off your order for each blanket you donate. Blankets will be refurbished and used for "replacement blankets" for horses who need their only blankets repaired in bad weather. I will clean + repair them with scraps of fabric and make them use able for someone who has no spare blanket. You may mark them with "Parts Only". They will not be re-sold.

About US
Horse Blankets are washed in a heavy duty front loading machine. Washed with "horse blanket wash". Triple rinsed and hung outside to dry. Patches are made with new horse blanket fabrics. I will match the color or use a custom design to patch your blankets.

Other Sewn Items Include: Heavy Duty Elastic Leg Straps, Trailer Ties, Saddle Covers, Saddle Carriers, Bridal Bags, Hay Bags and much more. I also carry an assortment of Hardware Replacement Parts

Customized Blanket Orders Available. References Available per request. I will never charge more than the blanket is worth.

Our Products
Wash and Repair Horse Blankets, Custom made horse related items, Able to sew and repair leather.

Hours of Operation
Always "Open". Call me for Free Pick and Delivery

Here's where you can find our products
Log into your Facebook page and type Horse Patches in the search area. Patch prices start at $5.00. Wash prices are not more than $30.00 for a heavy or very dirty blanket.


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