O'Neal's Sea Harvest, Inc.


Come Where It's Caught

About Us
O'Neal's Sea Harvest is a family owned and operated business located in the small fishing village of Wanchese. Daily local fishermen unload their catch on our docks where we accept the seafood and prepare it for you. On our docks you can witness this process unfolding and later visit our store where you can take a piece of it home to enjoy.

Our Products
fish, shrimp, scallops, clams, mussels, oysters, snowcrab legs, kingcrab legs, blue crab, softshell crab, crabmeat, lobster, calamari, seafood, spices, onions, corn, tuna, flounder, red drum, black drum, croaker, bluefish, trout, roundhead, sheepshead, white perch, spanish mackerel, spot, butterfish, catfish, salmon, tilfish, peelers, mahi, mackerel, monkfish, rockfish, stripped bass, shad, sea bass.

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O'Neal's Sea Harvest, Inc.
Britt Harper
618 Harbor Rd.
Wanchese, NC 27981
DARE County
Phone: 252-473-4535
Fax: 252-473-3401

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