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So Good, It's Scary!

About Us
Once upon a time, there was a pig that was too dry, a cow that had no taste and a chicken that lacked pizzazz. They found their way to Climax, NC where Bill and Laura, a compassionate father-daughter team, agreed to make a sauce for them that would make them moist, delicious and full of flavor. IT WORKED! Now the pig, the cow and the chicken think maybe they shouldn't have wanted to be quite so moist, tasty and full of pizzazz.

Our Products
sauce, barbecue sauce, barbq sauce,bar-b-que sauce


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Where you can find our products
Order products online or call 336 601-3856.


Climax Moppin' & Soppin' Sauce

Climax Sauce Company
Bill Dudley
4500 Gary Drive
Climax, NC 27233
Phone: 336 601-3856

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