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We provide the Charlotte, NC area with the highest quality microgreens, year round! Microgreens are vegetables and herbs at their first stage of growth, shortly after they sprout from their tiny seeds, and just before they grow their first set of "true leaves". Lucky Leaf's microgreens are loaded with nutrients and grown right here in Harrisburg, NC.

Lucky Leaf practices organic farming on all of our products. Our microgreens are packed with nutrients, picked fresh and delivered the same day – a true benefit of local produce!

Lucky Leaf’s products are grown in soil, packing these little babies with more flavor and nutrients than through hydroponics. We take great care and precision during harvest to improve the shelf life and overall quality and appearance of our products, allowing you to enjoy them to their fullest potential.

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Lucky Leaf Gardens
Kate Brun
PO Box 987
Harrisburg, NC 28075
Phone: 7047739355
Fax: 7046253622

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Microgreens, microgreens, microgreens! They're all special, all the time - year round production!

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