Soulful Tea

Soulful Tea
Sheila Tomlin
400 1st ave South
Conover, NC 28613
Phone: 828-514-9779

Medicinal and Flavorful Herbal Infusions

Special News
Mothers Day Special Bag of Tea, glass tea cup and steeping spoon gift wrapped $13-$15 depending on tea chosen. Allergies Gone Tea 3 oz (48 servings) $6.00 Oh My Bones Tea 3 oz (48 servings) $5.00 Go Go Green Energy Tea (48 servings) $5.00 Healthy Weight Tea (48 servings) $7.00 Sweet Dreams Relaxing Tea (48 servings) $5.00 Summer Cool Tea great to refrigerate (48 servings) $6.00

About US
I started blending herbal teas when my son had problems with seasonal allergies. I blended my allergies gone tea and with one cup in the morning he could breath all day. My whole family has used this with great relief when pollen is flying about. Because of this success I began doing more research about herbs and their curative properties. Friends requested teas and enjoyed their benefits. I have now decided to venture out as a farmer's market vendor to sell my teas.

Herbal teas are great to enjoy also, different blends provide flavors for everyone. I am willing to try and blend for your taste and needs. When using herbal supplements of any kind always consult your MD or pharmacist about medicine you are taking as herbs can affect how some medicines work. Herbs are not meant to replace your doctor's care but can provide additional benefits for symptoms. Herbal teas can be consumed daily but should have a 2 week rest period after 6 weeks of use, then can be resumed.

I look forward to embarking on this business venture. Please email for current product availability.

Our Products
Infusions made from herbs for their medicinal and enjoyment properties. Bone Health Tea can help with arthritis symptoms and support healthy bones. Allergy relief tea can reduce symptoms of seasonal allergies. Headache tea, energy tea and restful tea are also available for your enjoyment.


Hours of Operation

Here's where you can find our products
Email: Visit on Saturdays at the Conover, NC Farmer's Market


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