Stagg Creek Farms

Stagg Creek Farms
Cindie Kirby
3973 Dickey Mill Road
Mebane, NC 27302
Phone: 336-516-1241

real food, real people, real community

Special News
Just harvested freshwater prawn ( all natural )quick frozen, whole individually $8.50 per pound, Cured Beauregard sweet potatoes $12.00 per bushel

About US
We are a family owned and operated farm in northern Alamance county. Once a thriving tobacco farm, the land has remained in the family although tobacco has not been raised here in over 20 years. We are not certified as an organic farm but we take great pride in raising our pesticide-free produce and practicing environmentally friendly farming methods. We let everyone know, WE EAT WHAT WE RAISE AND ARE PROUD to pass this same, high quality product along to our neighbors and friends. We welcome visitor's to the farm to pick and snack on produce as we walk around and tour the crops. Diversity and an adventure into aquaculture has sparked a renewed interest in the farm. Working closely with Virginia Tech University, we strive to maintain high water quality for our prawn and provide them with a natural, high protein feed. Researching our seafood industry, its scary farm-raised imports (look up antibiotic shrimp) sent us searching for healthy alternatives. Our prawn are high in protein, omega 3,and naturally low in fat and cholesterol. The mild and buttery flavor lends itself to the likes of the lobster but they can be substituted in any dish which calls for shrimp. The best part of all... THEY ARE RAISED RIGHT HERE IN NORTH CAROLINA, antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, local and as fresh as you can get!

An surplus of tomatoes, corn, and watermelons led our kids Jeffrey and Kaci to start selling vegetables at the end of our driveway. This expanded to selling various produce at a local establishment and later at several farmer's markets. It proved invaluable in their common-sense education. Communicating with customers, describing their products, weighing, charging, and making correct change; this is how our kids earned their spending money and gave them a sense of pride in their contribution to their community.

They are both in college now, Jeffrey in agri-business at NCSU, but still help as much as they are able with the farm. Stagg Creek Farms provides fresh produce to 5 local businesses and sell during the summer at 3 farmer's markets. We now have sweet potatoes available at several retailers as well as at the farm.

Our Products
freshwater prawn,sweet potatoes

Please call for directions and times available.(336-516-1241)

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Cliff's Meat Market in Carrboro, Kenyon's Meat market in Mebane, Morris Meadows in Mebane


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