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We farm 365 days a year. This is our only source of income, we Farm because it is our passion and to FEED people. We do not need to rely on FOREIGN Countries for food. We have saved our land to produce food . Everyone must eat! Eat local , support local Farmers --BE HEALTHY!

We are a family owned and operated business. Land G Farms stands for Lee and Goodwin. Gene and Lisa Lee are the Lee part.Gene has been farming all his life a legacy left to him from his Daddy -Dwight Edgerton Lee , who died when he was only 12. Farming to him is keeping a part of his Daddy alive and proud. The G Is His Mom and Step-Dad Roger and Patricia Goodwin. Gene and Lisa have three children 27,24,and 10. All of them have been involved in Farming in some part of their life. Our oldest farmed with us to get threw college and now is a RN BSN. Our son farmed every day growing up and said he wanted no part in it when he grew up----He now is part owner of a ORGANIC USDA CERTIFIED Farm-CSA you can contact them at tayleeorganics.com. Our youngest is a FARM girl. All our Farming is done by us, picked, washed, packed and sold by us. You can find us at the Raleigh State Farmers Market 333 days a year--We do take Christmas and Easter Off. We are also located on Cleveland school RD. in Clayton March-December with all seasonal produce and seasonal plants etc. The phone number there is 919-553-3525 and are open Monday threw Sunday 9-6. .

We have been renting Moon Walks for 11 years call for availability. 919-524-9525 Check us out on face book llgfarm/lisacrockerlee

Our Products
sweet potatoes, strawberries, peaches, apples,cabbage, collards, turnips,onions,new potatoes,jams, jellies,peppers,beets,radish, artichokes,diakon radish,plants, corn , watermelons, grapes,figs ,NC Mountain Christmas trees

Raleigh State Farmers Market919-524-9525 Cleveland School Rd Clayton 919-553-3525

Hours of Operation
Raleigh State Farmers Market Monday -Sunday 8-6 Cleveland School Rd. Clayton Monday-Sunday 9-6 March-December

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
any of those two locations or call us 919-894-7699,919-524-9527,919-524-9525 or 919-553-3525

L and G Farms
Gene and Lisa Lee
6536 Meadowbrook rd
Benson, nc 27504
Phone: 919-524-9525

Special News

Fresh Dug Sweet Potatoes Super Sweet Beauregard Sweet potatoes NO STRINGS-super sweet juicy Oriental (ASIAN ) Sweet potatoes VERY SWEET/DRY

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