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About Us
Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm is an ARI Registered, Family owned Sustainable Alpaca Farm located in the beautiful flatlands of Pine Hall North Carolina, just North of Winston Salem, and West of Greensboro, in lovely Stokes County. Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm is a full service breeding and boarding facility located on 25 acres of Timothy and Orchard grass pasture, home to Award-winning Huacaya Alpaca's, specilizing in year-round breeding and boarding facilites for your Alpacas.

Soil Dancers Alpaca farm offers a full range of investment choices for new buyers as well as seasoned Alpaca Breeders. At SD Alpaca Farm Our customers come first. We strive to help our customers make the right decisions for short and long term goals / investments, with Quaility Support and Guarantees in mind. Start your Alpaca Adventure today by letting us take care of your Alpacas. Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm offers breeding and boarding for your investments. We offer a full range of services for new and experienced breeders.

Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm strives to provide a full spectrum of color and style choices for your new and established herd. We offer alpacas sutiable for the small starter ranch as well as the national show ring. We select from top grade bloodlines, creating stock with the higest potential for quality and longevity. SD Alpaca farm offers a full range of services, including Breeding, Boarding, Brokering, Birthing, Training, New Owner Education, Veterinary Care, and Local Transportation. Full Guarantees-- Soil Dancers Farm strives to meet and exceed industry standard guarantees. Our goal is for the customer to be happy with sales and service at all times. We believe in full disclosure with no surprises. Choose Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm, Alpaca Ownership with a Saftey Net.

Our Products
ARI registered Alpaca breeding, boarding, & buddy companionship. Raw Fleece for spinning, sale, and secondary value added products. Orchard & Timothy pasture hay for sale and grazing. BVD and Parasite screening prior to Boarding.

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Hours of Operation
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Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm


25 Acres of Timothy & Orchard BALE Hay for Sale ( NOW Summer 09' ) Financing for 1 Full Year ( pending Credit Check ) & Discounts on Multiple Purchases!

Soil Dancers Alpaca Farm
Marlene & Chad Adams
1125 Hwy 772
Pine Hall, NC 27042
Phone: 336 480 1610

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