Scuttergilly Meadows Farm and Rabbitry

Scuttergilly Meadows Farm and Rabbitry
Andrea Meadows
1396 Dillingham Rd.
Barnardsville, NC 28709
Phone: 828-626-2140

From our family to you...

Special News
Prime Angora fiber from our rabbits. Available in natural grays and tans. Staple length of 3-6 inches with average of 4 inches. Lovely fiber! $7 ounce.

About US
We're a tiny family owned and operated farm located in the beautiful western North Carolina mountains. On our farm we selectively breed and raise French Angora rabbits for their luxurious fiber, to sell as show or breeding stock to other Angora fanciers or handspinners/ fiber artists and as family pets. Some of the fiber is used in our line of felted wearables and other fiber art, which is created by Andrea (me, the wife and Mama) and by our daughter, while the rest is offered for sale to other artists and crafters. Angora comes only from rabbits and is warmer than most wools and softer than is like grasping a cloud on a hot summer day...! It's a common misconception that Angora goats produce angora fiber, their fiber is actually known as mohair and is simply gorgeous as well...:).

In addition to our angora fiber and fiber art,we sell produce at our local tailgate market from mid April to October. In 2009 we plan to add cut flowers and plants as well as increase the variety of produce we offer. All our produce is grown organically though we choose to not go through the lengthy and expensive process of becoming certified organic. For the 2008 season we used all horse or human powered equipment to grow our produce! Unfortunately we are not able to continue in that wonderful way and have had to part with our horses. Our horse powered operation was several miles from our home on leased land. We've chosen to move our gardens to our home and concentrate on low and no till growing methods. All our horses have been rehomed with most staying with extended family or friends so we get to visit often!

We'd love to have folks visit the rabbitry and garden. In the future we hope to be able to teach others about the methods we are trying right now which include permaculture, raised beds, intensive composting and vermaculture (earth worms). We do have an informational booklet available for prospective bunny owners on the care and housing of Angora rabbits and will demonstrate grooming and harvesting fiber to visitors.

Our Products
Angora rabbits, fiber, fiber art, crafts, flowers, produce, hand crafts

Please contact us for an appointment to see the farm and animals.

Hours of Operation
Contact us!

Here's where you can find our products
Big Ivy Tailgate Market in Barnardsville, NC, for fiber art and wearables.


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