Snyder Family Farm

Snyder Family Farm
Shane Snyder
4177 Blue Dove Lane
Granite Falls, NC 28630
Phone: 828-312-0636 or snyderfamilyfarm@gmail.c

We offer the finest quality meats raised the old fashioned way.

Special News
******Coming this spring/summer-day farm camps for kids aged 10 and up and family farm days****** Details coming soon-stay tuned!

About Us:
We have been eating farm raised meats for over 10 years. We would have friends who would ask about our meats and we would give them samples. They raved about the differences in quality, smell and especially taste. Our animals are fed only hay and grass. They are not grain fed, therefore, inconsistencies will surface in the taste of the meat and it should be expected with ALL grass fed animals. We strive to provide a healthy lifestyle for our children and it starts with our core ingredients in your meal, meat. We believe in living off the land as much as we possibly can to become self sufficient. We compost all year and never use pesticides or fertilizers on our gardens or pasture land. Call or come by the farm and we will be happy to educate you on the benefits of eating healthier.

We are fully licensed with the state of NC as certified meat handlers. And we use a facility that is USDA inspected. We are an exclusive farm and will only be selling from our farm starting 2013, sorry no farmers market selling. We only want to sell what we grow, no outsourcing. The Health Hut in Hickory, NC located off of Hwy 127 currently sells beef and heritage breed pork that can be purchased 6 days a week. Mattie's Pantry on Springs Road in Hickory and Lakeside Grocery located in the North Lakes community sell a wide variety of our products too. Please help out these small business by purchasing locally and you can always buy straight from our farm.

We are a small family run operation with our children involved in the process. They go on egg hunts to find our free range chicken eggs hidden in the hay barn. They also water and feed all of our animals. Another important task is pasture rotating, which is a family effort too. They also help in the kitchen making homemade livermush. What began as a hobby from a first generation farmer has grown into more than we could have imagined. Our desire is to share our knowledge and products with other families so they can enjoy the same quality of meats, eggs and produce that our family eats every day! We guarantee that you will not find any meat in any store that can match our flavor, texture and quality.

Our Products:
All natural, no antibiotics, no added hormones or enhancers, farm raised beef and pork. Please email or call and we can accommodate for larger orders placed in advance. We also sell half and whole orders of meat so that families can stock up their freezers. Remember, we do not use any preservatives in our meats...they are FRESH!! Pasture to table ready! Beef Prices: Filet Mignon 18.99lb, Ribeye 14.99lb, NY Strip 13.99lb, Sirloin 9.99lb, Flank/Skirt/Flat Iron 8.99lb, Sirloin Roast 6.99lb, London Broil 6.99lb,Chuck Roast 5.99lb,Brisket5.99lb, Ground Beef 5.89lb,Cube Steak 6.49lb, Beef Stew 6.49lb, Short Ribs 4.99lb, Liver 2.99lb, Bones 2.49lb,Philly Steak 8.99 Pork Prices: Pork Chops 5.75lb, Tenderloin 6.25lb, Bacon 5.99lb, Ham 5.79lb, Shoulder Roast 4.99lb, Sausage 5.29lb, Italian sausage 5.29, Bratwurst 5.99lb, Spare Ribs 4.99lb, Lard 2.49 Back Bones 3.09lb, Hocks 3.09lb.

Hwy 321-Granite Falls-Road between Wilco-Hess and Clark Tire (Pinewood Ext) Take a left at Dominoes onto (Dudley Shoals Rd) 2.4 miles. At five point intersection take a left onto (Campground Rd.) Take the 1st Rd on left (Blue Dove Lane) and follow dirt road until you see (Snyder Farm Rd) sign on left with 2 blue stock gates-follow the driveway and fence to our house.

Hours of Operation:
Our hours vary depending on the work needed to be done on the farm, so call ahead, please.

Where our products can be found:
Whole and half beefs/porks are also available. Just give us a call and we can assist you in customizing your order. Eggs are available all year!! Our ladies haven't slowed down egg laying production. If you have never cooked with fresh eggs, you are MISSING out! We are also members of Appalachian Grown (all local growers producing/raising their own products. Never bought or resold.

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