"A Breed Above" Gypsies of WhipOwill

"A Breed Above" Gypsies of WhipOwill
Glenda Williams
165 Brangus Way
Mocksville, NC 27028
DAVIE County
Phone: 336-998-9811

Special News
After three long years of carefully researching, planning, selective breeding, & exceptional handling & training, we finally have OUTSTANDING & PHENOMENAL Gypsy Vanner and Gypsy Drum horses for sale with exquisite and highly sought after bloodlines. Call and make an appointment to visit with us and see these magnificent & majestic horses. They will take your breath away!

About US
Whip-O-Will Stables is a well established and reputable boarding & training facility with a vision and mission like no other! It is where teaching and training of a harmonious relationship between "human and horse" takes place! With tranquil therapeutic music and thousands of soft twinkling lights in the barn creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere, it goes without saying as to why W-O-W Stables has been nicknamed the local "horse spa."

Our Gypsy horses are not only spectacular & beautiful, but their sweet & gentle temperaments, trainability, willingness, smooth gaits and flowing feather will win your heart over. "Here at Whip-O-Will Stables, QUALITY rather than quantity will ALWAYS be our goal for our Gypsy horse breeding program."

Our Products
Gypsy vanners, Gypsy cobs, Gypsy drums, Gypsy horses, Irish cobs, Tinker horses, Boarding barn, Full board, Lessons, Layovers, Arena, Training, Draft horses, Clydesdales, Davie county

Please call to make an appointment to visit with us and meet our wonderful horses!

Hours of Operation
Flexible--Call for an appointment.

Here's where you can find our products
Whip-O-Will Stables 165 Brangus Way Mocksville, NC 27028 Davie County, NC


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