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Best Pound Cakes by Laura began 10 years ago as a hobby. As a child, Laura learned cake baking from her paternal grandmother, Rosa Lee Evans Foxx, who was a superb cook and teacher. She believed that a lady should always know a craft. Throughout college and her daytime careers in philanthropy, Laura has continued to perfect her basic pound cake recipe into a wonderfully delicious product, enjoyed by family and friends, alike.

The heart and soul of Best Pound Cakes by Laura are inspired with the care and passion that are poured into every batter -- in addition to the customary ingredients of eggs, butter, sugar and flour! Every cake is a creative creation and has its own character and personality.

Each and every pound cake is lovingly made from scratch and with no preservatives. Each cake remains fresh at room temperature for 7-10 days; and remains frozen for up to 6 months. Each cake serves 20-25 people. Every single cake is deliciously wonderful.

Our Products
Old-fashioned pound cakes

Mail order only Overnight delivery available

Hours of Operation
We receive orders by phone and email anytime.

Here's where you can find our products
Best Pound Cakes are only available directly from us.

Best Pound Cakes
Laura Foxx
400 North Church Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone: 704-375-0240

Special News

Month of November, all cakes are $40 with free shipping on first cake ordered, within North Carolina.

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