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Backyard chickens

About US
We are a small-scale licensed hatchery specializing in Rhode Island Reds, one of the most popular "old-timey" brown egg laying breeds. Our operation is a husband-wife team. We sell directly to the general public, and no order is too small.

Our Products
Rhode Island Red chicks, Pearl guinea keets, Black cochins, white and brown leghorns

Our address is 2900 Lower Stone Church Rd. Copy and paste the following link for mapquest directions:

Hours of Operation
Hours and availability may vary, so please call ahead. 704 425 0240, or email,

Here's where you can find our products

Brilliant Farms
Jason Brilliant
2900 Lower stone Ch. Rd.
Rockwell, NC 28138
ROWAN County
Phone: 704 425 0240

Special News

Rhode Island Red straight-run chicks, $2.00 each Pearl guinea keets $4 each Black Cochins or Silver Laced Wyandottes - $4 each as available

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