Harris Farms

Harris Farms
Teresa Harris
P. O. Box 313
Macon, NC 27551
Phone: 252-213-3180

Special News

About US
Harris Farms, a third generation farming operation, has been growing strawberries for seven years. We now have two strawberry patches, one in Vaughan, NC and one in Wise, NC. Follow the signs in season; we rotate fields, therefore the patches are in a different location each year. We will be growing vegatables on a larger scale this year (2009) in hopes to have a N C Certified Roadside Stand and also open fields so customers can pick their own vegatables. Owners - Paul and Tolly Harris

Our Products
Strawberries, Fresh Vegatables

Our roadside stand will be located in Macon, NC on Hwy 158.

Hours of Operation
Strawberries - Daily in season Vegatables - Monday - Saturday - weather permitting. Call 252-213-3180 or email tharriswd2@yahoo.com

Here's where you can find our products
Macon, NC, Hwy 158 across from Macon Motors (used car dealership). Call 252-213-3180 for more information.


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