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We began bottling Big Daddy’s Marinade out of our love for cooking and entertaining our family and friends. My dad began making this marinade forty years ago when he was barbequing pigs for “pig pickin’s“. As a small child, living on our farm in eastern North Carolina, I can still remember that spicy taste of his marinade on the hot, fresh Bar-B-Que.

Over the years, my wife, Laura, and I have refined the recipe and expanded its use on all types of meat and cooking creations. We marinade fish, shrimp, chicken, and pork tenderloin then roll in a dry breader for frying. Marinade pork loin roast, and baby back ribs and slow bake until tender and juicy. When grilling chicken and steaks, there is nothing better to bring out the flavor of the meat. We also use it to season collards and cabbage. Several of our customers Big Daddy’s as the spice in their Bloody Marys. As we cooked using Big Daddy’s Marinade, our friends would ask how we got that spicy flavor. We would give them some marinade and the container would come back empty with everyone asking for more. It seemed as though they couldn’t get enough of that spicy marinade.

Big Daddy’s Marinade is a tenderizing spicy marinade which is designed to enhance the natural flavors of meats when grilling, frying, or roasting. While most marinades simply coat the meat’s surface, Big Daddy’s Marinade penetrates the meat passing flavor through the entire cut. We like it and once you try it, we know you’ll love it.

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