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You can't beat the quality, the taste, the service or the guarantee!

About US
Horizon Foods is a reliable, quality frozen food company that has been in business in the United States for 25 years with no recalls or tainted food problems. Our distributor for Horizon Foods is in Raleigh where we were recently trained to be representatives. Eating Horizon Foods for a number of years motivated us to start a Horizon Foods business here in the Wilmington area. Please note that Horizon Foods is not a freezer service company. There are no contracts. We deliver the food a customer requests.

The incredible flavor and convenience (delivery and preparation) of our foods make them number one! The chicken and beef are USDA approved and antibiotic and hormone free. The farms raising the animals use practices that have minimal environmental impact and diets are strictly vegetarian. Our seafood comes from the world’s cleanest waters. Our other frozen foods include pork, veal, gourmet side dishes and desserts. Food is flash-frozen and portioned controlled. Horizon also offers mail delivery of food packages anywhere in the United States.

We live in the Ogden area of Wilmington and we'd love to meet with you! Free delivery and no contracts! Guaranteed Satisfaction with Replacement, Exchange or $ Back! CASH-CHECK-CREDIT CARD accepted

Our Products
Gourmet frozen foods,Gold Label Beef,ABF ground sirloin,ABF chicken,flash frozen seafood,such as salmon,tuna,swordfish,shrimp,butterfly lobster, plus pork,veal,oven roasted turkey,gourmet desserts,sides dishes,and special prepared foods.

We deliver in the Wilmington area. Just call for us to visit and show you our products: 910-686-0412 or (cell) 508-844-7736 or email us at jkpm816@comcast.net

Web Site

Horizon Foods
Len & Judy Marcy
305 Alexander Place
Wilmington, NC 28411
Phone: 9106860412

Special News

Use code (720023) to register on website to get free food,as well as, access to our pages, descriptions and prices. Email us for specials jkpm816@comcast.net

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