S&L Farm


Eco friendly, humane family farming- the way it used to be.

About Us
We began our journey in 2004 with the revival of an abandoned farmstead. Our goal is to raise organic vegetables and poultry, via sustainable farming. We use green crops to increase soil tilth and add organic matter. We will never use synthetic fertilizers or toxic chemicals on our crops or animals.

Our animals are all free range or pasture raised. Many are born on the farm and are considered heritage breeds. We NEVER use antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs to accelerate growth or reduce costs. We NEVER use feeds that contain animal protein! Our livestock graze on pastures, roam freely on the farm, and are given whole grains, sunflower seeds, fruits and vegetables. Plenty of fresh air, excercise and a natural diet means better taste and nutrition for the consumer and a better life for the animals.

We are committed to providing our clients with the finest gourmet veggies and poultry products without damaging the environment or using dangerous chemicals.

Our Products
apples, broccoli,carrots,greenbeans,plums, pumpkins and many more vegetables. Free range eggs and pasture raised chickens and turkeys. Alpine Dairy Goats.

HWY 401 thru Louisburg. At the intersection of 401 and HWY 561 turn left(Next light after Rite Aid). Go 6 and 1/2 miles, turn left on Pleasants Rd. Farm is #203 on the left-Look for the chickens!

Hours of Operation
By appointment, 2008 schedule to be announced soon.

Where you can find our products
Louisburg Farmers Market, CSA subscription- call for 2008 membership application.


eggs,broccoli,brussel sprouts,carrots, lettuce,spinach,herbs.

S&L Farm
Linda Maggio
203 Pleasants Rd
Louisburg, NC 27549
Phone: 919-853-3680

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