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About US
galliher farm was started in 2000 as a row crop farm but with loss of rented land we started looking at ways to make money on less land .michael and renee started going to nc farm bureau young farmer and rancher meeting where we learned about subsanible agriculture and started learning about organics and narturally grown veg,and animals .

in 2005 we had lost all but 60 acres of land that we had farmed and it was time to do different or get out sowe started with pasture raised hogs and a friend and neighbor let us have 12 acres of land that had been in crp plans so with a lot of bush hogging and lime we started building this ground up in 2007 we had planted 2 acres of veg and sold at local farmer market in davie county but this was not lsted as organic 2008 we started a csa program and up production to 5 acres which started out good but with the drought lost most veg .with just enough to give some to our 4 csa members and nothing else to sale .

in 2009 we plan to plant 6 acres of veg and fruits we will have a irrigation system to use this year and drip irrigation we would like to have 40 to 50 csa members this year prices will be same and we look forward to getting our certification for orgainic .

Our Products
pasture raised hogs,organiclygrown vegtables including sweet corn,green beans,tomatoes,cucumbers,peppers,squash,zuccini,beets,lettuce,water melons,cantalopes pasture raised beef,


Hours of Operation

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galliher farm llc
michael galliher
183 garwood rd
mocksville, NC 27028
DAVIE County
Phone: 336-782-4544
Fax: 336-940-6784

Special News

we offer a new csa which is a buying club of sorts,For $600 for full share and $300 for 1/2 share for the growing year from mid may to frost

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