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B & M Stables
Blaine McLaughlin
1305C Lakewood Road
Four Oaks, NC 27524
Phone: 919-934-1344

Common Sense Solutions to Common Horse Problems

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We will travel to your horse facility for your added comfort and convenience.

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My Philosophy on Training� The methods and training that I utilize are the result of a culmination of many different horsemen who have influenced my training style over the years. Some of these horsemen are very well known in the horse industry. However, there are also others who while not so well known, impacted my training style greatly. The experiences I gained from them led me to develop a unique program that is designed to help owners and their horses build upon their relationship in a safe and controlled manner. Whether we are building a house, or building a partnership, the need for the correct tools is no different. This program which is called the "Seven Keys to Unlocking Performance" are a set of tools that is used to influence and improve performance in the horse through communication rather than repetition. Each tool serves as an ingredient that assists in communication. With practice and the use of feel rather than repetition, the owner and horse begin to maneuver together and develop an understanding. In that understanding we begin to realize that as we continuously strive to improve our horsemanship, we are also broadening the training of our horses through the knowledge that we have gained.

What makes us different? � We do not profess instant training cures. Training takes time, dedication and practice. � We do not profess any "cure all" bits or tack. Knowledge and excellent horsemanship is the key. � Our training style is based on excellent horsemanship, empathy for the horse, and a commitment to our clients. � We do not desire fame or recognition from our services. What we do desire is for our clients to succeed in their horsemanship endeavors.

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Horse training, horsemanship lessons, boarding, horsemanship clinics and horse shows.


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