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Sarliz LLC was founded by Bob Greene in May 2000. Bob started the company, after more than 15 years with Nestle (leaving as a VP in Research & Development), with the idea of offering food products to the foodservice and specialty food industries that are unique in terms of authenticity, quality, convenience and value. As both a food technologist and amateur chef, Bob's approach is to develop food products that retain the integrity of culinary art and tradition while using technology to provide added convenience. All too often, the authentic quality of today's prepared food products is compromised in order to achieve improved convenience, better consistency and more competitive costs.

Sarliz entered the commercial food market with the launch of the Savory Basics line of soup stocks to foodservice operators in April 2001 and to the retail specialty food market in March 2002. In the development of Savory Basics soup stocks, our objective was to develop a concentrated stock that had the quality attributes of a well developed, scratch prepared stock made by a professional chef. As such, Savory Basics stocks are rich in the juices and natural broth solids coming from meat and bone as well as mirapoix (onion, celery, carrot). While we use additional ingredients to round out the stock and compensate for changes that occur during the concentration process, we add no artificial flavors, MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, coloring agents or preservatives

As for as convenience, Savory Basics stocks are unique in that they are shelf stable, pourable concentrates. This pourability feature provides for more accurate control in measuring and better hygiene as the concentrate is not continually re-contaminated by using a spoon or other utensil. In its undiluted form, Savory Basics is quite resistant to food spoilage due to its high solids content and water activity. Based on the feedback from our customers and industry professionals, we believe that Savory Basics stocks uphold our corporate vision of "Convenience without Compromise". We are committed to retain this vision as we strive to expand our product range and customer base.

Our Products
Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Vegetable Stock, Clam Stock, Lobster Stock, Veal Stock

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Sarliz LLC
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