Oak Biodiesel LLC

Oak Biodiesel LLC
Gabe Neeriemer
1242 Dorris Ave
High Point, NC 27260
Phone: 336 209-0728

Clean Fuel for a dirty world

Special News
Off-Road Biodiesel: $2.50+tax

About US
Oak Biodiesel produces and sells only the highest quality biodiesel for on and off-road uses. All of our fuel is made from local vegetable oil, and tested by local labs.

Biodiesel works in all diesel engines without any modification, and often improves the engine function, while reducing wear and tear.

Your crops will contain less sulfur and poisons because biodiesel burns clean with no soot and no sulfur.

Our Products
Biodiesel B-100 Bio-soap

Take Greene Dr 1 mile west of Business 85 turn left on Dorris Ave. We are at the top of the hill.

Hours of Operation

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Our fuel can be purchased from Rex Oil in Thomasville. Ask for Oak biodiesel, to be sure you are buying local.


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