Full Circle Crab Company, Inc

About US
We are wholesalers and retailers of North Carolina Seafood, specializing in local products. Our business packs thousands of bushels of crabs and many dozens of soft crabs every year. We also carry tackle and bait in addition to our storefront which carries a large variety of whole fish and filets with fresh shrimp coming in a couple of times a week. During the winter months we carry two types of North Carolina oysters along with the more economical gulf coast oysters.

Full Circle also features an online market found at our website where we ship local seafood to your door. Stop by to grab a bite at our grill, "The Call of the Wild", offering our seafood cooked up to order. Call of the Wild is open during regular store hours from Easter to Thanksgiving.

Our Products
hard crabs, soft crabs, fish, crayfish,oysters,bait,shrimp

1 Mile East of Columbia on Highway 64

Hours of Operation
5AM until 7PM Friday-Sunday 5AM until 6PM Monday-Thursday

Web Site

Here's where you can find our products
Fullcircleseafood.com/store, Retail store

Full Circle Crab Company, Inc
Willy Phillips
1366 Highway 64 East
Columbia, NC 27925
Phone: 252 796 9696
Fax: 252 796 0523

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