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NC Farm ID Many producers have been requesting to have their National Premises Identification Numbers (PIN) in a more convenient form. To facilitate this request, the NCFarmID staff is issuing NCFarmID cards to everyone who has obtained a National PIN. You are not required to show this card at sales, auctions, or events. It is merely a more permanent, accessible proof of your premises registration. If your card is lost or stolen you can send an email to, or call 919-715-2951, to request another card. If any information on your card is incorrect or has changed since you filled out your NCFarmID premises registration form, please email or call with the correct information and your PIN number. It will be appropriately changed or corrected. Thank you for your participation in NCFarmID and the National Animal Identification System. This is just one way the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is working to keep the livestock in our state safe from disease threats.

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