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Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions

Civil Penalties

Halal Meat Slaughter House 2-19-14 View PDF
Bargain Max 3-19-14 View PDF
Adams Farms 4-15-14 View PDF
Harold R. Newby 6-30-14 View PDF

Notices of Warning - 2014-2015

B&J's Cash and Carry 2-19-14 View PDF
Linda Buck 2-19-14 View PDF
Kimbap 2-27-14 View PDF
Lien Nguyen 3-5-14 View PDF
Viet Thanhly 3-5-14 View PDF
Leone International Foods 3-18-14 View PDF
Compare Foods 3-18-14 View PDF
Dorothy Campbell 3-18-14 View PDF
Carolina International Mart 4-14-14 View PDF
Rockhouse Farm 4-14-14 View PDF
Two Brothers Pork Skins 4-14-14 View PDF
Beryl's Cakes 4-16-14 View PDF
Healthy Zone Catering 4-23-14 View PDF
Bamboo Asian Grocery 4-30-14 View PDF
J & C Food Mart 4-30-14 View PDF
Beer Study 5-14-14 View PDF
Mimosa Grill 5-14-14 View PDF
Paul Brock 6-12-14 View PDF
Kelley Louise Kirk 6-26-14 View PDF
Carolina Grown, Inc. 7-11-14 View PDF
Tim Kennedy Express 7-22-14 View PDF
The Meat House 7-22-14 View PDF
Frontier Meat Processing 7-29-14 View PDF
Bullard's Meats 8-6-14 View PDF
Hatoya Market 8-6-14 View PDF
Wysacky Restaurant 8-6-14 View PDF
Jackie Jenkins 8-6-14 View PDF
African Market 8-6-14 View PDF
Erlinda Lardizabal 8-7-14 View PDF
Chef Mei Personal Chef Services 8-7-14 View PDF
Duane Decarlo Coffield 8-13-14 View PDF
Lawson's Landing Cafe 9-25-14 View PDF
Willie Wilson 10-13-14 View PDF
A Full Measure Catering, Inc 11-5-14 View PDF
The Poultry Junction 11-5-14 View PDF
Buckshot Deer Processing 11-5-14 View PDF
Robbylicious Pies 11-19-14 View PDF
Sandy Level Community Council 11-20-14 View PDF
Bargain Center Discount Grocery 12-1-14 View PDF
Hongsamon's Asian Market 12-1-14 View PDF
Pop's Country Store 12-1-14 View PDF
Ozpresso 12-1-14 View PDF
Cash Store 12-9-14 View PDF
692 Olive, Inc 12-10-14 View PDF
My Girlfriend's Closet 12-10-14 View PDF
Junaluske Exxon 1/20/2015 View PDF
McLaughlin's Farmhouse & Country Store 1/20/2015 View PDF
Nahunta Store & Tire-Shelton Edgerton 01/21/2015 ViewPDF

Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2011
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2012
Civil Penalties and Other Legal Actions -- 2013

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