Economics of Grape Production

To be successful, grape growers must make sound decisions from initial planning through harvest and sale of fruit. Vineyard establishment and operating costs can vary significantly within a region due to differences in cost for land, labor, machinery, and materials.

The following resources below can help you with decisions about:

  • Land
  • Land preparation
  • Labor
  • Grapevines
  • Trellis materials
  • Pest management materials
  • Debt on loans and more

The North Carolina Winegrape Grower's Guide provides grape growers with practical information on site selection, establishment, and operation of commercial vineyards. It also includes a new chapter on spring frost control and examines the pros and cons of active frost protection systems. Be sure to see Chapter 2 of the Grower's Guide for an economic analysis of grape growing.

Also see:

Contact your county's Horticulture Cooperative Extension Agent for additional information and advice.

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